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    2014 Awesomeness Project 8

    July 15th 2014

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’m not doing too well at the moment, hence the lack of posts about anything real. I’ve written fluffy stuff and avoid the ...

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  • A Few Good Reads
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    A Few Good Reads

    It always seems like a good book is hard to find when you need it most… so below are a few recommended reads. Buddhist Boot Camp By Timber ...

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  • My Lowest Moments feature
    2014 Awesomeness Project 1

    In My Lowest Moments

    In my lowest moments I’m over sensitive, my sense of humour becomes non-existent and I become paranoid. I know it’s happening but it feels like there’s little I ...

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Creative Outlet

Things I Love

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    I have an Etsy problem…

    It’s been around for years… but I’m a sudden addict. I’ve only made two purchases, but I have a lot of things in my many wish lists. If I win Lotto tomorrow I can’t guarantee I’m going to be sensible with my winnings and not blow the lot on cute things I’ve found on Etsy, and I’ve certainly found a lot of ...

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Home Sweet Home

  • Green Juice
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    Green Juice, Red Juice…

    I’ve made juice on and off for years to boost my fruit and veggie intake, generally I’m pretty rubbish at eating veggies. Personally I find homemade juice is always much better when chilled, for me straight out of the juicer is a little like drinking pond scum. While I’ve been juicing for a while, I’ll admit it did take me a while ...

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Blog Finds

  • Be Fabulous
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    Lisa O’Neill – Look Gorgeous Be Happy!

    I love whimsy … and I love the scattered buttons and sequins that appear when you visit Lisa O’Neill’s website, and the best part is they’re movable, you shuffle the sequins and buttons to the side, should you feel they need tidying up. Her website is full of fashion tips & tricks (including your wardrobe requirements for each season), YouTube clips, and ...

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