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Home Sweet Home

  • All the recipes I've collected live in, not always in my best handwriting
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    Addictive Cheese Spread (it’s dangerously good)

    Ridiculously easy and insanely addictive… you can jazz this up any way you like to suit your personal tastes. Ingredients: Equal parts cream cheese and grated Tasty Cheese Fine chopped onion Salt Ground pepper Possible extras: chilli flakes, curry powder, finely chopped spring onion… chopped nuts, seeds. Your choice! The Four Steps: Mix well until mixture appears smooth and creamy… include any ...

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Things I Love

  • NZ made Red Lippy Jewellery
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    Red Lippy – Repurposed Vintage Jewellery

    At the Taupo Riverside Markets I stumbled upon this insanely cute jewellery stand. The problem was deciding which to buy.. and when to stop picking things up and adding them to my collection of shopping. Jo the creator of the jewellery who was manning the stand, not only creates these cute pieces but she’s also ridiculously friendly… it’s all very hard to ...

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Blog Finds

  • CultivateYourHappiness
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    The Latest find – Cultivate your Happiness.

    I wondered for ages where to file this brilliant site… under Mental Health & Wellbeing? and then what do I file this under FREE Inspiration, Wellbeing or 2014 Awesomeness Project or do I simply file this find under Things I Love? This site ticks all the boxes. There’s even a retreat (if you’re European / UK based) where you can learn the esstential ...

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